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Kingway began in 1970 as a Taiwan-based ballpoint pen manufacturer. In 2001,our company relocated to Ningbo, China and began production of mechanical pencils, ballpoint pens and gel pens.

Kingway is becoming a leading mechanical pencil manufacturer in mainland of China. Almost all processes, including molding, injection, printing, assembly and packing are carried out in-house.

Kingways sources ink and balls from Dokumental of Germany and Premec of Switzerland respectively.

Leads for mechanical pencils are imported from Taiwan, Japan and Korea. We Will develop one totally new design per month to satisfy customers needs.

We have strong ability to help our customers to develop their own designs.Thank you for choosing us as your partner, we will keep doing our best to provide you with professional and personalized service.

At Kingways, we believe that you can share your market with our quality products, and make your business stronger and larger.